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Friends of Sonoma Coast

Friends of Sonoma Coast was formed in 2012 in response to service reductions at Sonoma Coast State Park and a proposal by California State Parks to generate new revenue by charging new fees at coastal locations with facilities (paved parking lots, restrooms and trailheads).

January 17, 2013 at 1:05
575 Administration Drive, Room 102A, Santa Rosa
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Because Stewards has members who have expressed opinions for and against new fees on Sonoma Coast, Stewards has refrained from publically expressing an organization opinion in regards to this issue. When we first heard that State Parks was proposing new fees, we felt it was most important to consider a way to ensure that those fees stayed local and were used to reopen currently closed day-use and camping areas on Sonoma Coast. We came up with a plan to do that, which was presented to State Parks early in 2012. Due to the opposition to new fees this proposal has been put on hold.

We encourage our members to become well informed about this issue and express your opinions thoughtfully at the meeting. In general, we would prefer not to see new fees but we also want to see closed areas on Sonoma Coast reopened. We have yet to see any viable funding proposal which will make it possible for State Parks to reopen closed areas year-round. We need a long-term sustainable funding source for State Parks. We hope both our County and State elected officials will help us achieve this goal.

Stewards facilitated meetings in 2012 with concerned citizens in order to come up with solutions for keeping our parks open.

The following information was provided at two Public Meetings put on by Stewards and State Parks in June 2012.

Public Meeting Presentation
Coastal Development Permit Procedure
DPR Funding Charts
Park Passes
Russian River Service Reductions
Parking Lot Descriptions and Revenue
Parking Lot Evaluations

Public Issues and Solutions from Meetings - List

Please contact: Michele Luna, Executive Director, at for more information.

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